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Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology Increases Project Cost: Myth or Fact?

The look and feel of apps today is changing continuously, not to mention the fact that apps often introduce new features in a bid to stay relevant. As a result, there is a clear need for quick software deployment and rapid response development. If time were the only factor, the market would have certainly been […]

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Neumorphism – Let’s Implement the New Trend in UI Design

The UI domain is abuzz with a new trend – neumorphism. The minimalism-driven concept borrows from its ancestor, skeuomorphism. However, instead of a focus on the similarity between digital icons and real-world objects, as is the case with skeuomorphism, the spotlight is on a subtle color palette and shadowing technique. The appearance of the user […]

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virtual 3D shopping mall platform

How Mall Owners can Drive Customer Engagement with the Virtual 3D Shopping Mall Platform in the New Normal?

Malls were created with the idea of encouraging and facilitating social interaction. Previously shopping malls were the ideal space for hanging out with friends and family, shop, and eat at your favorite outlets. Today, shopping malls are increasingly losing in-store traffic and footfall due to the coronavirus that further introduces the concept of Virtual 3D […]

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on demand apps

The Post-Pandemic Effect: Rise in On-Demand Apps

It’s been a year that the world is coping with the pandemic that has wreaked havoc on our lives. Quarantine, self-isolation, social distancing, and work from home are the new normal today. There’s practically no social life anymore – people choose to stay within their homes to avoid contracting the deadly virus. Coupled with the […]

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Importance of QA Testing in App Development Lifecycle

The app market is flooded with apps. There are multiple options for a specific use case. For instance, both PlayStore and App Store have plenty of gaming apps and digital payment apps. In the light of this fierce and ever-growing competition in the app market, you must deliver a flawless user experience (UX) to your […]

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virtual shopping platform

Future of Shopping: An Ultimate Guide on Virtual Shopping Platform

The retail industry undergoes a stark transformation and disruption every 50 years. However, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology and digitalization, the retail sector is also changing right before our eyes. For ages, retail shopping has been strictly an in-person experience. While this exclusive “in-person” venture has evolved to the digital domain, with many […]

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mobile commerce trends

Top 6 Mobile Commerce Trends that will Dominate the Market in 2021

Mobile technology is a major driving force in our daily lives. It has changed the world around us in numerous fundamental ways. Thanks to our smartphones, we now carry the world in our palms. From accessing national and international news and streaming entertainment/educational content in real-time to online shopping and controlling smart devices from remote […]

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How New Technologies will Reshape the Post-Pandemic World in SEA

We’re living in a world ridden by a pandemic. Although these are strange times, the COVID-19 crisis has turned our world upside-down. From disrupting businesses to beating down the government and healthcare infrastructures, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in our lives. It has changed how we go about our daily routine, compelling us to confront and […]

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Gulf Countries

How is AI, Big data, and Advanced Analytics Transforming the eCommerce Industry in Gulf Countries

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analytics are the hottest emerging trends right now. These new-age technologies are transforming and redefining almost all industries, including healthcare, education, retail, BFSI, manufacturing, supply chain & logistics, transportation, and eCommerce.  Thanks to the digital transformation driven by disruptive technologies like AI and Big Data, the eCommerce landscape is […]

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Emergence of Digital Revolution

The Emergence of Digital Revolution 4.0 in Indonesia

Back in April 2018, the Indonesian government launched the Making Indonesia 4.0 strategy to gear up the country for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0). The Making Indonesia 4.0 initiative places the utmost importance on bringing about a digital revolution in Indonesia, powered by new-age technologies. These disruptive technologies will include Big Data, Artificial Intelligence […]

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mobile app marketing

An Ultimate Guide to Market your Mobile App

The number of smartphone users around the world will surpass 3.8 billion by 2021. When coupled with the increasing smartphone penetration worldwide – particularly in China, India, and the US – we get the complete picture of the thriving mobile app market. As per the latest stats, the mobile app market is projected to grow […]

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Top 10 Ways to Monetize your Mobile App Effectively

The mobile app market is enormous, with Google PlayStore and Apple’s App Store dominating the market by a large margin. Statista maintains that as of the third quarter of 2020, PlayStore has over 2.87 million apps for the Android platform, making it the largest app store, followed by Apple’s App Store with almost 1.96 million […]

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