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Design Thinking Process

5 stages of the Design Thinking Process

What is Design Thinking? Design thinking helps in untangling the in-explicit or complicatedly defined issues. It is about analyzing, imagining, and providing a solution to the problems. When a designer provides an ideal solution based on the real needs of people, then voila, it is a success! The five-step design thinking process Design thinking that […]

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Mobile App Maintenance

Best Practices to Maintain your Mobile App (after deployment)

When speaking of mobile app development, you must remember one thing – the success of mobile apps both begin with and end with your users. It is all about the user experience you create for your customers. The user experience (UX) you deliver, will determine whether your mobile app will be a hit or fail […]

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How to draft an RFQ (Request For Quotation)

When you run a business, the first thing you must do is to figure out the unique needs and requirements of your trade. The next step is to identify the best possible sources from where you can acquire the resources for your business. In other words, you must embark on a vendor search. This is […]

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Meditation App

Must-Have Features of a Meditation App

We reside in a fast-changing and dynamic world that has its fair share of blessings and curses. Such is the pace of modern life that the lines between our personal and professional lives are blurred, continually adding to our stress. And just when we thought that our lives couldn’t get any more stressful and confusing, […]

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health and fitness app

Bringing Revolution in Health & Fitness: Here is How Mobile Apps are Making a Difference

Our fast-evolving and outgoing lifestyle are what brings us the much-coveted adrenaline boost. However, the more we “perform,” the more we dive into our sedentary office work towards building the “good” life, we put our body through a lot of physical and mental stress and pressure. This is the reason why our generation is witnessing […]

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Tools and Technologies Helping Companies during COVID -19 Pandemic

Right now, the world is grappling with the seemingly irrevocable consequences of the pandemic, COVID-19. Not only has the pandemic marred the global healthcare infrastructure, but it has also crippled the socio-economic landscape of over 200 countries. In the wake of this pandemic that has confined us within our homes, both business operations and work […]

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Education industry

How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Education Industry

The 21st century belongs to technology, which has brought a dramatic turnaround in nearly almost all industries. It impacts all disciplines & industries, and with the advent of technology, the field of education has completely revolutionized. The basis of this vigorous transformation has been the evolution of Smartphones and mobile applications. The current pace of […]

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Cricket Board App

Why Cricket Boards and Franchise Teams Should Invest in Mobile Apps

Technology plays an important role in today’s world. With the help of technology, social media and the internet have forced people, companies, and brands to change how they interact with their customers.  Every single business industry is inclining towards mobile applications to generate revenue for their business domain. Nowadays, the Sports industry is using mobile […]

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Education Apps

Must-Have Features of an Education App

The e-Learning industry is expanding with the advent of technology, and it continues to grow further with better accessibility. The education app caters to the requirements of today’s world. Students have also shown willingness to embrace digital learning technologies (DLT) and practices. About 92 percent of students worldwide are interested in personalized support and information […]

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On-demand App Development

Features to Consider for a Successful On-demand App Development

On-demand app development is filling in to be the most trending aspect of modern-day marketing. Following this trend, tons of organizations are both embracing and offering on-demand applications to their clients. We’re going to investigate the notable features of any on-demand app which can set towards being the cornerstone for the development of any business.  […]

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Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile App Development Trends in 2019: A Retrospective Analysis

With the quick development in innovation, cell phones have now become a crucial part of human life. Even though a mobile phone’s primary capacity is being telephonic transmission, today, technology has made it possible to incorporate mobile applications with smart functionalities and features that can help achieve such feats that were not possible before. As […]

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Scan and go

How the Retail Industry is Scaling up with Scan and Go Technology

We live in an era where technology is rapidly revolutionizing everything around us – from our daily lives to how businesses operate. Thanks to new technological advances, the industrial landscape has changed drastically over the years, and the retail industry is no exception.  Today, the retail industry has taken a leap from archaic techniques to […]

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