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To all the Apple lovers tech savvy readers, your wait for the apple watch ended last Friday, April 24, 2015 when Apple Watch was released on the iStores for sale. Well it doesn’t mean that one can only go to the outlets and buy, people can also order it online or book from e-retail portals. Though those who pre-ordered (April 10), will receive their Friday onwards.
However for the first time Apple has taken a radically different approach while releasing the Apple Watch. This time, the company has invited consumers into stores to try on the Watch before the device is official released. Earlier consumers typically couldn’t touch a new Apple device until it was publicly available.
At A Glance
Apple’s Watch is designed for both fashionable and functional users, it is available in an array of different color and materials with six different types of watch straps that are easily interchangeable. Prices for the device, will start at $349 and go as high as $17,000.
  • Two sizes: 38mm and 42mm
  • Options: Stainless Steel, Silver Aluminum, 18-Karat Yellow Gold, Space Black Stainless Steel, Space Gray Aluminum, and 18-Karat Rose Gold
  • S1 processor
  • Starting at $349 for Watch Sport, $549 for Watch, and $10,000 for Watch Edition.


So what Apple has to say??
The Most Personal Device Yet
The goal is to make powerful technology more accessible yet more personal. Apple Watch depicts a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology. It’s the most personal product Apple have ever made, because it’s the first one designed to be worn.
Smart watches have long been defined by their ability to keep unfailingly accurate time,
and Apple Watch is no exception. In coincidence with iPhone, it keeps time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard. It even lets user customize the watch to present time in a more meaningful, personal context that’s relevant to the life and schedule.
A New Way To Stay In Touch
It has changed the way you communicate and you are just a tap away, be it a call, messages or a notification. The Apple watch lets you connect with you favorite people anytime.
A Smarter Way To Stay Fit
Apple Watch gives user a complete picture of all-day activity. The three rings of the Activity app show daily progress and help motivate to sit less, move more and get some exercise. An integrated level of sports watch, giving real-time stats for a variety of the most popular workouts. And after Apple Watch learns users activity and fitness levels. It uses that information to improve the accuracy of the users measurements and suggest personalized all-day activity goals. It even provides various custom reminders to encourage the user to achieve them.
What’s in there??
Apple always loves to deliver what people don’t think is possible. It almost took a while for me to figure out what exactly is Apple Watch giving the user. The first thing came across my mind is Apple Watch is now a part of you, be it the complex UI or UX in a different frame, how will fit the life of the user. Check out Apple’s September 9th Big Launch Event
Apple Watch has just opened a new window of to stay connected with all the stuffs going in & around you, while you are sleeping, dining out, working out or working in office you just need to twist your wrist. Now you don’t need to unlock your phone, go to the app click on the notification without a grope your phone, the Watch became something like a natural extension of your body a direct link, in a way that one might never feel before, from the digital world to you brain.
Apple Watch works like a first generation device, it has taken a big leap from a stylish leather and metallic bands to stainless steel & silver aluminum bands. Apple watch is smart. The software is indeed constructed in such a way that might affect the tech savvy user in a way. It is designed for people who are inundated with notifications coming in through their phones, and for those who care to think about, and want to try to manage, the way the digital world intrudes on their lives.
Apple Watch has just reached at a level which I would say is higher than their previous one as now the watch might connect your mac/iPhone all in together. Which on one hand is a revolutionary development and on the other it is giving an opportunity to the techies to think beyond their current vision. However, this new technological advancement has also opened the gates of first mainstream wearable computing.
It is not an iPhone… Indeed
Yes it is not iPhone where one can access all the software related features is one go. With the world going micro at each level, so do the softwares. There is the digital crown, a knob used for scrolling and zooming and touch screen that can be pressed down harder for extra options.
No full on-screen keyboard, so outbound messages are confined to a set of default responses and when you’re talking to other Watch users, messages that you can draw or tap. The watch also relies heavily on voice assistant Siri.
The software design is different, there isn’t much room on the watch’s screen for visual cues indicating where you are in an app, a notification or a glance. You will often find yourself adjusting the notification with apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email etc, the watch is not exactly a watch though.
Well, it took almost a decade when people actually started habituating themselves to the smartphones, starting from normal reminders to alarms, from emails to notifications a mobile phone is kept on the table, car dashboard, pocket etc. Earlier the mobile never allowed the user to reflex more but now you just need to roll over your eyes. Hopefully, people will ‘not’ find themselves “lost in the woods” unless one doesn’t wear Apple Watch.
There is an Apple Watch For Everyone
A device you wear is vastly different from one you keep on a desk or carry in your pocket. It’s more than a tool. It’s a true expression of your personal taste. So Apple designed Apple Watch to reflect a wide range of styles and preferences. Because Apple wants users to love wearing it as much as one love using it.
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