GSMA Innovation City to Exhibit MOBILE AT MWC2015

This is one of the elder city (hall) take place in the past events of MWC 2015. The place wherein you effectively find the innovations implemented with the latest mobile technology which transforms our lifestyle.
GSMA will open the doors to the GSMA Innovation City builds on the hugely successful Connected City by bringing a fully immersive mobile experience to visitors in 2015.MWC visitors will be able to experience the first-hand mobile-connected products and services which are positively impacting the personal and professional lives of millions of people, with demonstrations spanning sectors such as transport, retail,consulting health and retail, amongst many others across both developed and emerging markets.
This GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) is known to be the world biggest event exclusively happening in the mobile industry,previously the original name of the event was mentioned to be, GSM World Congress and the same revised later as the 3GSM World Congress popularly. MWC 2015 is also referred as 3GSM or 3GSM World too. This is an event of bringing the entrepreneurs and investors get closer. Ideas from both the ends could be effectively shared in the event. The event is scheduled to take place in Barcelona and organized by Mobile World Capital Barcelona. Here, peoples from both the sector will have a strong discussion about the startup technologies and its futures as well.
This is one of the new features implemented with the MWC 2015, which is highly concentrated on the inclusion of female in the mobile industry. Accelerating the Female digital economy is the axiom of this event in MWC 2015.
The key feature of the GSMA Innovation City is manifestation of new innovations in mobile technology, in action. It is an opportunity for all the delegates to experience and interact with the latest technology advancements and meet with the leaders in mobile and adjacent industries and tangle with them for business growth. The GSMA will also showcase its key pro-grammes and initiatives. At 2,130 square meters, the GSMA Innovation City is 25 per cent larger than 2014 and represents an even greater breadth of vertical industries and solution areas.
The event is organized by the Gramin Healthband Challenge, one of the leading Satellite Navigation technology service providers for mobile.
The mobile world  not only consists of hardware and software stuffs, but it also undertakes the security, banking, advertisement, retail and others many sectors and all are interconnected with each other. MWC 2015 will reflect the trends that highly impacted on your business in real time manner.

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GSMA Innovation City to Exhibit MOBILE AT MWC2015

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