Internet of Things and Everyday Mobility


We have all been hearing that Internet of Things will take the world by storm. When the real and virtual world will combine,we will inhabit a super world. But how is it that a that little device in your hand, your smartphone or that gadget tied to your wrist will become your tool from the omnipotence and omnipresence in this super world? We can answer that for you!

As a mobile app development company we have seen the gradual shift of all technology to the mobile apps. First we saw changing rooms go virtual with virtual reality apps. Then we saw the health and fitness world taken by storm with sensing devices and wearables and related apps. IOT is invading everything! Now we can see the seeping in of IOT into daily lives like never before, through apps and mobility again. Here are some interesting technologies you should be aware are here or the ones that will get commonplace with time:

Smarthomes and IOT
Smarthomes using IOT

Internet Of Things and Smart Lighting:

We have been hearing of smart homes and a lot of companies have forayed into this domain now.Lighting is an essential part of all households and recently when Phillips Hue is the mainstream, pop version of the same. Bulbs that send you an update of how efficiently they are performing, mood lighting that can be controlled via your smart phones.  There are players like Enlighted that are trying to put ecology and economy of lighting together, thus changing the way we light up our spaces.

IOT, Mobility and Security:

One of the major concerns of all institutions like banks is the security. What if you could save a person as the universal key to all their locks? Biometrics taken to the next level? Nope (not just that) this is the combination of biometrics, sensors , big data and more artificial intelligence.Imagine it no more because the first level of implementing it at your homes has been started by Chul. They refer to themselves as the most intelligent doorbell in the world. Securing businesses and homes with facial features.

Internet Of Things and Transport:

So a self driving car has been realized by Google. Let’s talk of a car that will know its needs for fuel, servicing and upgrade itself. Wait, does it sound like Tesla Motors? Yes, while this remains a luxury that a few can have once IOT finds its way to transport,soon your car will be reminding you that it needs some pampering and motor oil. Yikes! most men are just about to discover nagging automobiles. Connected cars are here and they will make mobility and transport hand in hand partners.

IOT and Ecology:

So you thought technology and ecology were at loggerheads? Think again. There exist smart disposal solutions for every kind of trash in IOT powered prototype projects. From recycling to trash disposal to reusability. IOT is now bringing us a whole new oxymoron… Smart Trash.

Internet Of Things and Power:

While wireless charging of devices isn’t a new concept, it is a fairly complicated one because new technologies have been competing to provide the best solutions ever. So now you can do away with your USB cords and batteries. Humavox charges your device the smart sensory sway and then stops once it gets adequately charged. All this using a ‘handshake’ which actually an energy transfer that is as per the device’s requirement. Sounds like Sci Fi? Check out the link to their website.

There are more things that are being infiltrated by mobility and IOT and together they are making a futuristic world a reality . Ladies and Gentlemen, The future has arrived! Discuss with us what makes you excited about the IOT era in the comments section below.

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    Great information on the ways in which Internet of Things is beings used and might be used. Being a new mother can be challenging but the Mimo monitor that monitors the baby and provides mothers with with real-time information about their baby’s breathing, skin temperature, body position and activity level on their smartphones make it easier for new mothers to monitor and take care of their new bundle of joy. I came across this and other such ways in which Internet of Things is being used

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    Hi Aditi,

    The surroundings under internet of factors offers many possibilities for players such as however not restricted to Chip manufacturers, network operators, M2M provider companies, Cloud computing, information analytics and App developers. If switching into iot app development can we assume good growth?

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      Hi Aabahran,
      Yes of course, the IOT industry is continuing to grow. According to Forbes the number of things that will be covered under connected objects is going to grow to 50 billion units( as per a Cisco report). Imagine the potential. the size of the devices is going to vary, chip technology will have to grow to be more efficient in making processing fast and easy, cloud computing will provide the quick connectivity to all these objects and Big data would be essential in pulling out the amount of trickery that is involved in getting all these things to connect and exchange data. We can expect massive growth of all kinds technology, including sensors, biometrics and a lot many that I can’t include in the little comment box here.

      Here’s a link you can refer to :

      thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for more.

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