iOS App Development: Things to know before choosing a development team


On the surface, iOS apps are just that- apps. But, they stand out in the market- both from a customer viewpoint and a business perspective. For an enterprise, iOS apps can bring in higher revenue, build a tech-savvy customer base, and create an excellent user experience. iOS apps are easy to test and take lesser time to be developed than Android apps. Plus, they have a niche market reach. This is why even with a 22.48% market share, iOS apps are both profitable and popular among iOS lovers.

Things to consider before choosing an iOS app development team

A skilled iOS app development team will have a significant bearing on your app’s profitability and popularity. Look out for the following must-have traits in each member of the iOS app development team:

  1. Experience in working with Swift programming language

Earlier, Apple used Objective-C to develop iOS apps. Now, it has shifted to Swift, which is more robust and delivers higher performance, security, and stability.

Programming Languages

Thus, an iOS app development team needs to be proficient in Swift. They should also have a thorough knowledge of design guidelines, spatial reasoning, and Grand Central Dispatch, among other things.

  1. Aesthetic sense and testing skills

Coding is just one aspect of building an app. A profitable and efficient must have a good design as well. So, look for aesthetic sense in your developers. While they need not be design mavens, they should have a keen aesthetic sense. Additionally, they should be efficient in testing apps for bugs (if any). 

  1. Creativity

How well can your team understand your needs, your brand, and think out-of-the-box with that understanding? That will define their creativity.

UI/UX Design

Your developers should be able to generate unique ideas, learn new technologies quickly, and stitch together the new and the old to come out with a feature-rich app that ranks well on the UI/ UX charts. Creatively built apps have a higher chance of being successful.

  1. Cross-platform development

What happens when you want your app to be available on other platforms as well? Do you need to hire a separate app development team for that? Not necessarily. All you need to do is make sure that the iOS app development team you hire can develop apps on multiple OS. However, the need for this trait entirely depends on your company goals – whether you want to stay true to Apple’s niche market or you want to expand.

  1. Professionalism and promptness

You want a team that’s passionate and devoted to creating unique apps that can stand out in the crowd. This requires promptness, professionalism, zeal, and experience. As you interview developers, make a special note of these qualities. Additionally, you can reach out to past employers for testimonials and first-hand reviews.

Ultimately, it’s essential to choose your iOS app development team after careful consideration of all the traits mentioned above. Look out for creative, knowledgeable individuals who have an eye for aesthetics and can deliver a stellar product even when the platform changes. They’ll play a huge role in determining the success of your app and, consequently, of your company.

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