Logistic App Development, Logistic Apps – Sneak Peak on Industry Leaders & their Transformation

Logistic Apps – Sneak Peak on Industry Leaders & their Transformation


Logistics is usually referred to as a common industrial process but it is a set of process that includes a number of components such as people, inventory, equipment, and various types of materials. The components are then allocated and utilized for the common objective of industrial transportation. This seems similar to supply-chain management but both are different. Logistics is strictly related to the company that is manufacturing or transporting the materials and it usually has nothing to do with the network of outside organizations.

Like every other global industry, logistics is also facing some positive disruptions due to technological innovations such as the adoption of various software and logistics app development. This is quite a favorable scenario for the industry as it has made processes more convenient and conducive. Take a look at some of the top logistics apps that are dominating the industry.

  1. Logistics: It’s a free logistics app that comes with multiple features such as a list of orders and their detailed information, delivery tracking, estimation of routes, and more. Some of the operational features of the Logistics app are the option of creating a details route through external navigation apps and assigning the order status along with chatting with the operator or notifying them about the deliveries. The app is quite compact i.e. 3.4 MB and it has more than 10,000 confirmed installs only on Google Play. 
  2. Scandit: This is not a typical logistics app as it offers more than just logistical operations. Scandit is a scanning app which is an advanced barcode scanner. This is hassle-free scanning at its best. The app is specifically designed for scanning and it can capture almost every type of barcode from any possible angle. The user does not have to worry about focusing the camera, low light or curved labels. 

    Some other features of the logistics app development include its classification of codes as it can classify the scanned information on its own. The user only has to choose the option such as retail, industrial, ID/License, or all codes and the rest is taken care of. Despite being in the testing mode, the app has more than 100,000 confirmed installs on Google Play.

  3. CoPilot Truck: This is another valuable addition to the capable logistic apps. CoPilot Truck is a wonderful navigation app for professional truckers who have to deal with everyday logistical operations. This is a turn-by-turn navigation app that creates efficient routes for the delivery personnel. The apps use dynamic information such as delivery hazards, route information, truck height and weight, and much more. Such logistic app development can also help in managing cost-effective operations by helping the drivers avoid fines and planning the best route that will save fuel expenses as well. 
  4. uShip Mobile: This is a one-stop shop for shipping services seekers. Regardless of the size of an enterprise, uShip Mobile app offers shipment finding, booking and bidding solutions at one place. Such a centralized and precise approach can save a lot of time and effort for a business. The app offers amazing features such as saving preferences, easy payments, estimation and management of routes along with the listings. The app has more than 500,000 confirmed installs on Google Play which shows its popularity among businesses from multiple sectors.
  5. SERVICEMAX: This is a field-service app that caters to the business through on-field or onsite services. SERVICEMAX app aims to cater to the businesses/organizations/institutions that use machines/vehicles in any possible aspect. The app is specifically beneficial for enterprises that involve logistical operations and face machine-related issues quite often. The app keeps consumer-data at fingertips and renders services accordingly.

Logistic app development has penetrated almost every industry as the entrepreneurs want technology on their fingertips. Businesses are looking forward to making their employees and worker more efficient and therefore, smart mobile app development has become a need of the time.

Logistic App Development, Logistic Apps – Sneak Peak on Industry Leaders & their Transformation

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