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Android app development

Android App Development Agency/Company- Questions to Ask before Hiring One

If you are looking to hire an android app development agency/company for your app idea, don’t make it a hasty step! With over 8 million apps currently to be found on the Google Play store, you would want your app to stand out in the crowd. Given this ever-increasing demand for mobile apps, it is […]

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How Artificial Intelligence will Rewrite Mobile App Development?

As we are well aware a popular trend for current businesses and leading technology companies is the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), and it’s not too different for the Mobile App Development services business. Over the past few years, the growth of affordable mobile internet services has seen a vast increase in usage of mobile, […]

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Meet Team Affle at Retail Technology Conclave (ReTechCon) 2018 in Mumbai

Retail Technology Conclave (ReTechCon) 2018 will focus on helping retailers understand all that is smart and cutting edge in retail to become more efficient and effective in battling challenges presented by rise of online commerce. While consumers are equipped with smarter experiences, it’s time retailers catch up too. Affle Markt Commerce Platform enables B2B retail […]

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How Digital Transformation is Reshaping Healthcare Industry?

In the modern world, Healthcare industry attained a great integration with the wide socio-economic landscape. Healthcare sectors are mainly divided into various aspects that include goods and service to treat the patients with the preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative care. Healthcare system became the fastest and largest growing industry that broadly classified with sub-segments that […]

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Chatbots App development

Chatbots for Business: What are they and why you need one?

The year 2017 saw widespread adoption of chatbots, and 2018 will see that trend developing even further. The chatbot market is expected to grow at 37% CAGR during the next 3 years. Chatbots are being adopted by all types of different industries, ranging from Marvel to UNICEF. Such phenomenal growth begs the question, are AI-powered […]

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4 Digital trends to look out for in 2018

With Moore’s law still flourishing, we have digital tech continuing to grow at a furious pace. What this means is that computational power continues to double every couple of years. What was revolutionary in 2016, becomes the norm in 2018 and archaic by 2020. So let’s unravel what digital trends 2018 promises us. Artificial Intelligence […]

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Mobile App Trends

The Rise and Rise of apps- Mobile App trends 2017

The App market continues to grow at a furious pace. After generating a revenue of $88 billion in 2016, it’s expected to reach $189 billion by 2020. The market as we know it is a duopoly, with Android and iOS being way above the rest. The Play Store leads the charge with 2.8 million apps, […]

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Affle Enterprise, Bezel-less devices, iPhone x

Inception of iPhone x and rise of bezel-less devices

Introduction The launch of Apple’s iPhone X in the revolutionary market of smartphones and mobile apps has added another new feature in smartphone design i.e. ‘bezel-less designs’.  In consideration of the brand value and customer buying trends of Apple’s iPhones, it is apparent that this wonderful feature is going to increase the efficiency of smartphones […]

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IoT: To where is the Internet of Things headed ?

Over the past decade or so, Internet of Things (IoT) had been on a gradual slope of linear growth. But in recent years that slope has transmuted into a free fall. Everything is or is being connected to the internet, hence IoT! The IHS forecasts that the IoT market will grow from an installed base […]

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11 WAYS iOS 11 Works!

It might seem like New Years arrived early for Apple enthusiasts once again with Three new phones, an Apple watch, a 4k Smart Tv and a whole new theatre dedicated to Steve Jobs. Apple surely went all guns blazing to mark 10 years of pioneering the smartphone revolution.  But while all the excitement around Apple was with the new […]

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Rapid Adoption of Apps in Aviation Domain

Do you know how many people currently travel by air transport? It was 3.6 billion people in 2016; the IATA forecasts that it will be 7.2 billion by 2035, an astounding double of the present figure. All of these passengers – business travelers, tourists, families heading to reunite and backpackers are busy and preoccupied individuals who […]

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Future of How Hospitality Does Business – Enabling AI

Artificial Intelligence takes a cue from an assortment of diverse fields such as Computer science, Psychology, Linguistics (sentence structure and tagmemics), Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Artificial psychology to name a few. The gist of this concept is the ability of a device to discern a situation or a necessity to give the most conducive result with […]

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