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5 things that make Swift the next-gen Programming Language

Choosing the right programming language for a mobile app can be a tough decision for developers. Depending on the type of app and the kind of features, a developer wants to bring to life, picking the right programming language is part of the magic formula. So, whether it’s Swift or Objective-C, it makes sense for […]

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Phablets: The New Favourite & The New Opportunity

Over the last few years, we’ve seen that the user preference for ‘device size’ hasn’t been constant. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that mobile devices have kind of gone through the ‘ape to human evolution’ in the size department. With the growth in the app ecosystem and the 24/7 user dependence on […]

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VAS & Mobile Apps | Can they be friends?

If we do a quick recap of all that mattered in the mobile services industry, it would be right to say that the arrival of Mobile VAS was a significant turning point for all the stakeholders. Whether it was SMS, MMS, USSD, or interactive voice response (IVR) for that matter, VAS was the most viable […]

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Mobile ERP – Ensure Enterprise Mobility With Data Security

ERP goes Mobile In the recent times, we’ve seen several big enterprises take the alleyway towards the app economy. This has caused a paradigm shift in how large corporations look at their business models today. By embracing the app culture, these enterprises are now looking at the bigger picture, where they’re aware of the huge […]

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AI for Marketing & Sales: Your Friendly Sales Guy is a ChatBot.

 One of the most exciting  marketing developments was the rise of the chatbot in 2016. A lot has been said about the same, here we tell you how and why it needs deconstructing still, and how entrepreneurs and the whole of e Commerce industry can prep for this eminent change.  Bots, data and AI Messengers […]

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MOOCS and online apps

MOOCs & Online Courses: Features of the Future

In the first episode of MOOCs and online courses we discussed the advent of online courses. We also discussed the basic features one needs to employ in order to build an app that replaces conventional classroom teaching. In the sequel to the same we will discuss the more complicated features and the future of these […]

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mobility solutions for manufacturing

The Advantages of Mobility in Manufacturing

Automation first came to the factories with the hydraulic lifts in the simple fluid mechanics that lowered the manpower involved in pulling up heavy goods and machinery. As science advanced so did the automation processes and now with the leaps we have taken in web and mobile technology, factories and plants are moving towards hassle […]

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5 Must Haves To Build MOOCs And M-Learning Apps

In 2012, two professors from Stanford, Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig decided to offer ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ for free online. Designed to reach out to an English speaking population under the prestigious Stanford banner. There were 160,000 Applicants and the seed to the open online education platform Udacity. Two more platforms came into being within […]

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The Rise and the Rise of Media Apps

Streaming is the new way to go with respect to entertainment. The Millennials are glued to a different kind of screen, their mobile screens to consume all the audiovisual content. Televisions still exist in every household but the content on television is not broadcast but streamed. For an up-close an personal viewing experience people prefer […]

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ERP solutions and mobility

Productivity Boosters : ERP Solutions Powered by Mobility Apps.

Mobility layers to ERPs in 2016 is what ERPs were to the industry in the year 2000. ERPs gained popularity in the mid 90s after the Gartner group presented them as the solution to all operational functions in government offices, large scale industries and NGOs. The expansion happened in 2000, when CRM sand SRM solutions […]

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iOS10 Siri

The IOT & AI Revolution with iOS 10, The watchOS 3 and Siri

A large scale revolution has quietly begun with Apple trying to fast forward the present to the future. The possibilities that have emerged in IOT and AI with the introduction of the iOS 10 and the watchOS 3 cannot be neglected. Apple has a way of introducing pathbreaking technology that on the surface seems unfeasible but […]

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iOS 10| The Developer’s Perspective: The Sirikit

Apple made waves yet again with the launch of the iPhone 7 , the AppleWatch 2 and the all pervasive iOS 10.The Apple fans are going gaga over the  sleek design and writing obituaries for the 3.5 mm headphone jack. The Apple critics are trolling their ear-pods and the ‘best ever’ iPhone. But there’s a […]

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