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Augmented Reality (AR) is Revolutionizing Industries: Know How

The technological landscape is continually evolving, giving birth to innovations that are rapidly transforming our lives for the better. Augmented Reality (AR) is one such technological marvels that hold the massive potential to transform both human experiences and business operations. Augmented reality creates a totally new kind of environment using everyday devices such as smartphones […]

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From Queue to App: How App Development is helping Healthcare Enterprises grow?

The power of technology and apps is such that it would be impractical for any industry to keep away from it. Healthcare enterprises are also revolutionizing just like other sectors. As per Statista, During the last measured period, there were 43,285 healthcare apps available, representing a 0.77 percent decrease over the previous quarter.  Mobile applications […]

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Digital Transformation in Logistics Industry – What your customers are expecting?

We live in a world that is changing as we speak, right before our eyes. Technological advancements are moving at an unprecedented speed. The adoption of technological innovations is increasing across industries such as logistics Industry.  As per Statista, Logistics Industry is expected to transform due to digital transformation. The logistics industry presents a good […]

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What Enterprises can expect from an AI Chatbot in 2020?

As per a survey by Oracle in 2017, 80% of business respondents were already using or planned to use AI chatbot by 2020. The statistics seem to be accurate since it is estimated that by 2020, 85% of business interactions will be done through chatbots. Their popularity is very well justified. These interactive platforms that […]

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How Mobile Applications can help the Manufacturing Industry Prevent Revenue Leakage

Revenue leakages are the preventable financial losses borne by a company. Even if these usually go unnoticed, they have a negative impact in the long run. Globally, nearly  1-5% of earnings are lost due to unchecked revenue leakages. Poor planning, manual errors, varying price models are all potential loopholes for revenue leakage. As for the […]

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Insurance App

Insurance App Development: Essential Features you must include in your app

As we spend a lot of time on our smartphones now, it makes sense to have apps that allow us to function productively in the virtual space. And one of the most important developments in this regard is finance and insurance apps.  Claims, managing policies, customer and agent onboarding are some of the key features […]

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App Development in Singapore

App Development in Singapore: Why it helps to Hire Local Tech Partners

Across the world, enterprises are shifting to newer technology to improve efficiency and customer connect. Apps help teams align and democratize processes. It improves reach within the organization, facilitates data sharing, and increases flexibility without interrupting the workflow. As an international business hub, Singapore is also latching onto this global trend, moving from legacy to […]

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Manufacturing app development

App Development for Manufacturing: How Companies are Leveraging Technology for Automation?

Thanks to automation and app development, there has been a steady rise in efficiency and productivity across all industries. Automated production lines facilitate the production of a higher volume of goods. Programmable automation requires that the machine be continuously re-programmed to handle varying volumes in different batches. Apps developed for the manufacturing sector help meet […]

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Chatbot for Hotels

What do you need to know about Chatbot for Hotels?

As artificial intelligence grows smarter every day, various new technologies are being introduced into different industries. In the hospitality sector, for instance, there is a growing preference for chatbots. Hospitality industry is revolutionizing with the help of chatbot for hotels. Chatbots are computer programs created to deal with customers, thereby decreasing the reliance on the […]

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Chatbot for HR: How a Bot can Replace your HR Department by 2020?

We are all increasingly aware of the reality that robots play a major role in our lives now. Whether it is in physical form – as a helper during surgeries – or in software, as in a chatbot solution, we are all surrounded by a bevy of machines that influence our lives in very significant […]

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How AI can Transform Manufacturing Industry?

AI is a technology that is fairly developing or in the completion stage of development. It finds widespread use in multiple industries, like gaming, banking, commercial, retail, and government applications as well. AI in Manufacturing Industry is revolutionizing the scenario. The manufacturing industry has been slow to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, only […]

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How Retails are Solving Customer Experience Challenges through Digital Transformation?

With the Industrial Revolution 4.0, we are experiencing a wave of Digital Transformation. This wave of technology seeks to deliver greater value to processes across problems and solutions that confer positive outcomes as regards Business Efficiency, Customer Experience, and/or Business Innovation. Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector is enhancing customer experiences. According to Statista, a […]

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