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Workforce Automation

Adoption of Automation in Workforce Industry

According to a survey by Capgemini Research Institute, by 2022, businesses could save up to $165 billion by the large-scale adoption of automation across different sectors of the industry including manufacturing, automotive, retail, and utilities. Cost savings, speedy delivery, and streamlined operations are among the many reasons why automation is increasingly creeping up the workforce ladder. […]

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Apple tv app

Apple’s TV App Reaching India – Why Companies are Curious?

Apple has rolled out its TV app for more than 100 countries including India, Canada, and the United States. The app is going to run across a variety of Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV along with Samsung Smart TVs. The global giant Apple is all set to disrupt the smart TV application […]

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Digital Transformation in Real Estate – What Industry should be Excited About?

Real Estate sector is now being considered more of a sales-based industry that still lacks consumerism and professionalism. However, the trends are changing and the industry is facing a technological disruption that is going to change it for good. This is going to bring a paradigm shift and the industry is sure to witness certain […]

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Biggest Challenges That IoT Face in 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new concept that’s impacting us in new ways every day. The term itself refers to the interconnectivity of our devices which are becoming smarter than ever before. Devices are able to collect information, receive information, and act on this information. There are numerous challenges that IOT face. […]

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Manufacturing Automation

Must-Have Application Features to Automate Your Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing plants involve complex processes that include raw materials, finished goods inventory, and workforce management. Here, maintaining efficiency in the process is the only way to ensure better profit margins and effective management. The manufacturing automation process helps to enhance productivity. As per Statista,  The global market for global factory automation is expected to increase […]

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Things to Know Before Conceptualizing a Retail Application for Your Store

The retail industry is booming and having a mobile app for a retail business is more than just advantageous. It puts a business in a better position than its rivals. Almost every global retail brand has a mobile app for the convenience of customers. However, having a personalized retail application is not as far-fetched as […]

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Real Estate App

Must-Have Features for Your Real-Estate Mobile App

The real estate industry is witnessing sustainable developments in streamlining the processes, reducing time and costs through AI-enabled mobile apps. Developers can become a part of this evolution and create a real estate mobile app that is unique in terms of focused business objectives and projected growth. Here is a look at some must-have features […]

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Travel desk management system

Travel Desk Management System: Why Companies should be Concerned?

Companies are dedicating more resources to their travel needs. In developed economies such as the United States, the number of business trips in a calendar year has reached approximately 500 million. Such a scenario pushes the need for an effective travel management system that can systemize the whole process of travel management and offer a […]

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Travel app development

Future of Travel & Tourism Apps: What to Expect?

The travel industry is highly dynamic and it has witnessed many changes in the distribution landscape in the recent past. The credit goes to technological innovations and a number of positive disruptions, and changes that will play an important role in future transformation. Here is a detailed explanation of tourism & travel app development technologies […]

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Medical app development

Why Healthcare Enterprise is Betting High on App Development?

Dull, ailing faces of patients, and long queues used to be common sights in a hospital or a clinic in the recent past. With rising consumerism and technological innovations, the global healthcare sector is changing rapidly. Healthcare mobile app is there to help both the doctors/therapists and patients. Here is a detailed explanation of the […]

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Smart TV Apps

Trending Smart TV Apps – Redefining the Viewing Experience

Smart TVs have built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports that allow users to directly connect to the internet. However, even TVs that do not have built-in ports can connect to support devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick and Chromecast, and mobile phones for using the internet. This has triggered a major shift in the smart […]

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Healthcare Chatbot

Why Healthcare is turning to AI & Chatbot for Patient Care?

In today’s world of instant gratification, people want quick solutions and healthcare is not an exception. They do not want to wait in long queues outside the clinic or hospital and they need a platform that keeps them updated on their issues 24/7. Therefore, AI and AI-enabled chatbots for healthcare are integrated into apps and […]

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