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Workforce Automation

The Rise of Workforce Automation in the Manufacturing Industry

End-to-end factory automation is spreading its wings and it is optimizing processes even further. Although the debate about workers losing their jobs has already started, large business organizations are not implementing automation very aggressively. The majority of global manufacturers have already implemented automated systems in their production/assembly lines due to the rise of workforce automation […]

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Progressive Web Application – How these are Changing the Mobile Landscape?

A new debate has started about Progressive Web Application vs. Native Apps. Choosing one over the other is subject to a variety of factors such as business objectives, ease of use, acceptance within the customer base, etc. Nonetheless, Progressive Web Application is a relatively less-preferred concept by medium-sized enterprises and its true advantages are yet […]

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iOS App development

Factors to Consider before Outsourcing iOS App Development

In today’s digital environment where thousands of mobile apps are launched on a daily basis, only launching a mobile app does not guarantee profitability and customer satisfaction. Factors such as app optimization, an interactive and appealing User Interface (UI), and safe transactions dictate the response of the customers. As per Statista,  the average number of […]

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Cost to Develop a workforce system

How Much it Costs to Develop a Workforce System?

Workplace management solutions come with a wide range of pricing models. This is due to their sophistication and varying capabilities. However, no two workplace systems are the same and they differ on the basis of the industries and their niche requirements. Therefore, it is better to have a structured approach while searching for a competent […]

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Healthcare Appointment App

You are Never Late to Invest in Healthcare Apps

In the healthcare industry, many aspects are managed at a manual level including scheduling an appointment/seeing a doctor or completing paperwork. The processes are not user-friendly and they require a lot of time and effort on both sides. Additionally, a large amount of money and people’s well-being remains at stake as well. In this facet, […]

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Workforce Automation App

The Common Features of a Workforce Automation App

Workforce management is a set of processes that focus on improving and optimizing the productivity of employees in a business. This is a holistic approach that covers every operational area of business. From employee management to operations management, this includes every single operation on a day-to-day and hour-to-hour basis. Besides the customization, a few common […]

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Plant productivity system

Plant Productivity System: Why Manufacturing Companies Should Opt One?

Boosting productivity remains one of the main goals of any manufacturing organization. Traditionally measured as the total units of output per unit of input, productivity represents the amount of useful work produced for the effort put in. When it comes to manufacturing, productivity is the total sum of the various number of factors, including employee […]

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Workforce Automation

How Workforce Automation has Reshaped Various Industries?

Automation is much more than robots powering factories and manufacturing plants. Although this indeed is the best example of workforce automation, the concept can be applied in all modern businesses. Whether they be small or large, whether they belong to healthcare, real estate, or the education sector, workforce automation principles can be applied to some […]

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Travel Application development

What Dominant Travel Apps Teach Us: Travel Application Leaders

The mobile phone industry dominates the market in terms of the online interaction of users. The reasons are personalized experience, cheap mobile data, and of course, mobility.  Therefore, it is vital for companies to incorporate quality features in their travel apps in such a populous business environment. As per Statista, the travel industry, which is […]

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How Technology can Enhance Customer Experiences: A Travel Chatbot Use Case

In the past few years, the focus of businesses has shifted from profit maximization to customer satisfaction, and rightly so. With the rise of social media platforms, modern-day consumers get a voice, or rather, a concrete platform to voice their opinions. And surely, no business would want their customers to put out their negative experience […]

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Is It Worth to Invest In the Workforce Automation Application?

Despite the debate about machines and automation systems replacing humans in the next ten to fifteen years, machines can be used as tools for increased productivity and better business outcomes. They can help people in managing everyday tasks that are both mundane and time-consuming. So the question arises, Is it worth to invest in the […]

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Digital Transformation in singapore

Singapore Ranks 1st in the Asian Digital Transformation Index, Twice: Let’s See How!

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT), the era of digital transformation has begun. Leveraging these technologies in solitude and in combination, businesses around the world are coming up with innovative business models and disruptive ways of customer satisfaction. Showing a remarkable penchant for digitization, Asia […]

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