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How Technological Disruption is Multiplying Pharmaceutical Revenue Worldwide?

The pharma industry has started realizing the potential of collaborating with technology and is presently dominated by some of the top spenders on pharmaceutical R&D from the U.S. This includes ace companies such as Pfizer, Merk, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Celgene corp, etc., each of them investing billions of dollars every quarter. On similar lines, because of […]

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6 Ways Mobility Solutions Can Help Skyrocket Supply Chain Company Revenues

The luxury car manufacturer, BMW in the year 2017 faced a production stoppage due to Bosche’s inability to supply steering gears. This issue which lasted for about a week caused the German manufacturer to lose €400-€500m, aside from impacting the production of further models. Mobility solutions can help skyrocket supply chain companies This example clearly […]

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How Big Retailers are Using Chatbots to Boost Customer Engagement?

Today’s retailers are facing a constant challenge in competing with consumer price sensitivity and digital competitors. Providing a world-class experience to the in-store customers has become the only way to differentiate themselves from competitors and new digital entrants. Chatbots for retailers are increasing customer satisfaction levels as they are easy to interact with and become extremely […]

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Future of Wearable Apps in the Healthcare Industry

The history of wearable technology dates back to the year 2002, where it gained popularity with the introduction of Bluetooth headsets. Then came the futuristic wearable technology devices like Fitbit, Nike+ and Google Glass from 2006 to 2013. Finally, the media crowned 2014 as the “Year of Wearable Technology” and in 2015 the very first […]

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Chatbot for Hotels: Is it worth to Invest in AI?

Leaders and service providers from the modern hospitality industry across the world are competing with each other to exceed customer experience and provide their guests with a personalized and memorable stay. A compelling technology that has enabled the realization of this goal is artificial intelligence. The application of AI, in the form of chatbots, has […]

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Mobile Application Development to Automate & Optimize the Workforce

In a world that has now become increasingly mobilized, large and small-scale enterprises alike have started embracing internal applications for workforce automation to improve productivity. Mobile applications can provide organizations with a number of options to optimize their businesses processes, thus improving their overall workflow: Automation and Management of Processes The automation provided by internal […]

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Hybrid Retail – O2O Commerce is the Next Major Disruptor

We are living in a time-starved and tech-enabled economy. Thus, the need for retail businesses to be omnipresent is a necessity. While Brick & Mortar is present to get desired footfall, digital helps by being convenient and is easily accessible as another storefront. Complete dependency on either the Brick & Mortar or e-commerce approach will […]

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Startup Technology Outsourcing

How do Startups Benefit from Technology Outsourcing?

Times we live in are extremely exciting for any startup company. They are not bound by technological inhibitions and can achieve whatever they set their mind to. However, challenges still remain. If you have an idea of how do you bring it to fruition? What if you’re not a technologist yourself or don’t know the […]

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Offshore Development vs In-House team: What’s increasing ROI for ISVs?

Do you know what is the ultimate aim of every organization in the industry? The answer is pretty simple – maximizing profits. However, we all know that it’s easier said than done. To maximize your profits and returns, you must have a solid business strategy ready at hand and all the requisite resources to help […]

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digital transformation in hospitality

How Digital Transformation will impact the Hospitality Industry in 2020?

Already valued at $1.2 trillion by 2015, the tourism and hospitality industry is poised to grow even further as the years pass. And like all industries, the digital transformation in the hospitality industry has left an indelible mark across all forms of tourism. Gone are the days when one had to physically approach a travel agent […]

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Smart TV Apps

Smart TV Apps: Boosting Customer Engagement for Telecommunication Industry

It was only a matter of time before the world of apps extended even to a smart TV. There is practically nothing that we do today for which there isn’t an app to make it simpler for us, whether it be reading, watching videos, or listening to music.  With the advent of the Smart TV, […]

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Digital Transformation in Gulf Countries

Digital Transformation in Gulf Countries – Driving Consumer Experience

The Gulf region is spearheading an extensive digital revolution with a steadfast focus to transform itself into a tech-savvy territory that is in line with its world-class infrastructure growth. With the increasing demand for high-quality goods and services, Gulf companies are capitalizing more and more on digital opportunities for efficient solutions With high social media […]

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