Borakee Battle Arena:

An immersive pet battle arena that lets the users lead their Borakee in combat against legions of enemies. Check out the app:



Don’t dwell in the past, live in the now. iPic a day allows you to live in the NOW because your last post is as important as the one before! Check out the app:


Unity App:

This app lets the user instantly locate and connect like minded people and help reach local recovery communities and people. Check out the app:


ScenePast: Americana Road Trip:

A cool app out there for the folks who love seeing then-and-now images of historic landmarks and buildings throughout America .Check out the app:

Americana Road Trip


It helps its user staying fit and healthy. It resets the mental, postural and digestive system of the user, impairs strength, balance and ability of the user. Check out the app :


Must Love Dogs:

That lets the you meet other dog lovers when you’re on the go – in the park, walking your dog, at dog friendly events etc.Check out the app:



That lets you find last minute, instant deals near you – when you’re in the right place at the right time. Check out the app:



Lets the user photograph the favorite wardrobe items, mix & match them with the latest fashion ranges, create outfits, enter competitions, connect with friends. And, best of all – try before you buy using world first virtual changing room. Check out the app:


On Schedule:

It allows the user convert multiple time zones in an easy 2 steps to plan for meetings, internal conference calls, web-based meetings and video calls.Check out the app :

On Schedule


Serve the purpose of your social links directory and at the same time work for bettering your new relations. An enhancement to your social relations in the form of an app, Memorop. Check out the app:


This was a tribute to our venerated clients giving us an opportunity to bring their IDEA to create something new. Here, at Affle AppStudioz, we offer a unified platform to build mobile apps and analyze and optimize user experience. Our design led engineering team provides end-to-end mobile solution analyze the trends of Appstore and its categories & provides solutions tailored to our clients’ expectation & needs.


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