Cricket Boards, Why Cricket Boards and Franchise Teams Should Invest in Mobile Apps

Why Cricket Boards and Franchise Teams Should Invest in Mobile Apps


Of all the sports that are played and enjoyed in India, Cricket is the only sport with the largest fan base. Indians revere and treat Cricket like religion – although the sport did not originate in India, it sure has become one of the most loved and followed sports in the country. India is the land of many diverse religions and cultures, and if there’s anything Indians bond over the most, it is Cricket. Over the years, India has given to the world some of the best cricketers like Kapil Dev, Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni, and Virat Kohli, to name a few. These players have set such a high bar that they are now an inspiration for aspiring cricketers all across the globe.

Cricket Boards, Why Cricket Boards and Franchise Teams Should Invest in Mobile Apps

In India, Cricket constitutes a multi-billion dollar industry, and today, it is a pivotal contributor to the Indian economy. While there are over one billion fans of Cricket globally, Indians account for nearly 90% of that fan base

With the Indian Cricket industry growing bigger each year, now is the time to invest in mobile apps for Cricket. Mobile apps can both fuel Cricket’s popularity and also generate a substantial amount of money for the Indian Cricket industry. 

Why should Cricket Boards and Franchise Teams invest in Mobile Apps?

The mobile app market for Cricket has been there for quite some time now. Apps like CricBuzz, ESPNCricinfo, and Cricket Line Guru have gained immense popularity with Cricket enthusiasts in India. In fact, in 2019, CricBuzz became the second most downloaded mobile app in the world! 

Mobile apps allow fans to view Cricket scores and get match updates from anywhere, anytime. That is, perhaps, the most useful feature of mobile apps for Cricket. And while mobile apps for Cricket isn’t a new thing, the concept of Fantasy Cricket sure is. This is the reason why Cricket boards and franchise teams are now readily investing in Fantasy Cricket mobile apps such as Dream11 and My11Circle. 

Here are five reasons why Cricket boards and franchise teams should invest in mobile apps for Cricket:

  1. Attracts new users and fans

Mobile apps can provide a level of flexibility and convenience like no other. No matter where you are, you can always use a mobile app to stay updated with the latest news on Cricket, watch live matches, view scores, and so on. Hence, mobile apps designed for Cricket can attract Cricket fans by the bulk and encourage them to engage with your brand, and ultimately contribute to the bigger picture – expanding the Cricket fan base in India.

  1. Delivers high return on investment

Since the mobile app market for Cricket is only gaining momentum now, there’s not much competition in this domain. So, this presents an exciting opportunity for franchise brands to make huge profits within a short period. Since there’s relatively low competition in the Cricket mobile app market, you can launch a unique mobile app and steer the Cricket crowd towards your brand. 

The best part – mobile apps for Cricket usually don’t require a large amount of upfront investment, but they promise to deliver a high return on investment. If you can design the perfect UI for a mobile app, it will automatically appeal to users who will continue to download and use your app for top-notch customer experience, thereby improving the brand’s ROI. 

  1. Expands brand reach

It is a well-established fact that mobile apps can be a handy tool for branding. Given the massive numbers of smartphone users in the world, mobile apps promise to expand your brand’s reach to a broader network, thereby increasing your brand exposure significantly. The more extensive your target network, the higher will be the profits generated each quarter. 

  1. Improves customer engagement

As competition increases in the industry, more and more Cricket franchise teams and organizations realize the importance of improving business value through mobile apps by boosting customer engagement. By rolling out Cricket mobile apps in the market, companies can fortify their presence in the mobile domain and design customized interfaces to provide best-in-class experiences to Cricket fans and devoted customers. Mobile apps allow users to engage and interact with brands whenever they please and from any location in the world. 

  1. Increases support for the sport

Each year, Indian Cricket teams take part in numerous tournaments like T20, One-day Test Match, and IPL. Since mobile apps are an excellent tool for increasing customer engagement, they can take the Cricket buzz to a whole other level by pulling in Cricket fans by the bulk. This helps increase the awareness for Cricket and expands its fan base, which translates to more money pouring into the Cricket industry.

With opportunities galore, mobile apps for Cricket have the potential to boost the popularity of the sports in general while simultaneously creating tremendous profits for the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) and franchise teams. Most importantly, through mobile apps, Cricket can enjoy both real-world and digital presence. 

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Cricket Boards, Why Cricket Boards and Franchise Teams Should Invest in Mobile Apps

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