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Example Of How Does The Push Notification Work

Web push

Push Notifications Platform Powered with Dynamic Creatives

Browser push

Re-Engage Lapsed Users

Reach out to users who have bought from you earlier and never visited your website/app after that.

mobile push notifications

Cart Abandonment Alert

Shorten purchase journey by recommending last seen product to cart drop-offs.

desktop push notifications

Time Sensitive Discounts

Send instant notifications about time-based offers to users who are not accessing your website/app.

Web Push notification

Price Drop Alert

Notify users when product prices drop. Send alerts to users who have visited or carted those products but haven’t bought.

Personalized messaging

New User Acquisition

Send first buy discounts on frequently bought categories /products and prompt the first sale.

Push Messaging

Re-Stock Alert

Send notifications when a product viewed by the user is back in stock.

Safari notifications

Product Feed Integration

Personalize each message to include product image, product name and updated price.

chrome notifications


Send 1:1 personalized recommendations and offers for meaningful engagements.

web notifications


Analyse, optimise and tweak your campaigns based on a day to day basis.

Web Marketing Targeted

Pre-defined smart use cases to execute E-Commerce
specific strategies

Our platform is pre-loaded with smart use cases that can be activated with the click of a few buttons. The segmentation is taken care of. Just choose a campaign, enter your messaging and activate across channels. It is that simple.

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push marketing

mobile notifications NICHE AUDIENCE

Target the right users with the right message and at
the right time

Use segments for batch-push campaigns. Or you can send 1-1 personalized messages for custom defined personas. You can customize each data point according to your business requirement so that you always reach the right audience.

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Browser push RIGHT CHANNEL

Reach out to your users wherever they are in real time
for higher conversions

Send personalized push messages even if the user is not active on your website/app based on a schedule or real-time event triggers.

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mobile push notifications

desktop push notifications USER-BEHAVIOUR ANALYTICS

Real-time stats to measure the effectivity of every
push notification sent

Keep a watch on browser-wise subscribers, number of push notifications delivered, views, click through rate, conversions, conversion ratio, sales revenue and opt-outs for a detailed and accurate campaign analysis.

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Web Push notification

Why Vizury?

Personalized messaging

Go Mobile Without An App

Don’t have a mobile app? No problem. Vizury’s Push platform works well across all devices and for all websites. So you can build your mobile website audience while you’re still working on your mobile app.

Grow Conversions

Deep-linking helps reduce the number of clicks bringing users closer to completing the purchase. With event-based alerts, connect with your users at the right time.

Push Messaging
Safari notifications


Re-engage with users who have not visited your website/App in the past week. Share unique coupon codes, product details or visited categories to bring them back!

Customer Loyalty

Connect with your loyal users with a thank you note and a special loyalty discount code. Win some hearts and more customers too.

chrome notifications
Personalized messaging

Rich Push Notifications For Mobile To Drive In-app Sales

Deliver highly personalised Rich Media Push Notifications for iOS and Android. Recommend multiple products or send price drop alerts and more. Re-engage and grow app user engagement

Getting Started With Push Notifications Platform

Add Vizury’s code
on your website/App

web notifications

Request users to opt-
in for Push Platform

Web Marketing

Start sending web
push notifications

push marketing

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