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We are an award-winning Android app development company having a pool of experienced android developers who build a comprehensive range of top-notch, robust and scalable custom Android applications that help you to grow your business exponentially.

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Android App Development

We provide cutting-edge, intuitive and industry-best Android app development solutions that accommodate all the diverse business needs. We have expertise in launching simple as well as complex and dynamic Android apps that power up emerging companies and established enterprises. Our decade-long experience coupled with a problem-solving attitude help conceptualize, design and deliver robust solutions that transform businesses and give a competitive advantage.

Our Android mobile app development team uses state-of-the-art tools and technologies to build intuitive, secure and feature-rich mobility solutions for Smartphones, Wearables and Tablets, catering to clients across diverse industries.

Services we Provide to Develop your Android App

We provide scalable and robust Android app development services that delight users and deliver engagement

Android App UI/UX

Our expert team of UI/UX designers collaborates with visual architects and content specialists to create top-grade design and UI experiences for our clients, helping them win more consumers.

Native Android App Development

We excel in integrating independently-designed Native Android applications to advanced technology platforms with the smooth merging of data and workflows, ensuring a hassle-free experience and consistency across different platforms.

Native Android App Integration

Our Hybrid app development team stick with the quality standards and helps our customers to solve business challenges with advanced technology & optimal cost that help them to generate the best possible return on investment

Android App Testing

Our Android app testing team makes sure your newly created Android mobile applications are bug-free, ensuring consistency and quality experiences for every customer on every device across the world.

Android App Maintenance

Our Android app maintenance team delivers prompt support services and adheres to the highest levels of security and industry standards, ensuring enterprise mobility solutions are competitive and up-to-date.

Enterprise Android Solutions

Our team of developers, designers, product managers and strategists have extensive experience developing and delivering enterprise Android solutions that help simplify workflow & engage your employees.

Technologies we Use

We use cutting-edge technologies to build advanced mobile apps


  • obectiveCObjective-C
  • javascriptJavaScript
  • swiftSwift
  • javaJava
  • kotlinKotlin


  • coredataCoredata
  • roomRoom
  • realmRealm
  • sqliteSqlite
  • reduxRedux


  • firebaseFirebase
  • alamofireAlamofire
  • ffmpegFFmpeg

Devices that we Cater

We offer a suite of Android services to our clients that encompass the complete range of Android devices, including Android Phone, Tablet, Wearables and Android TV

Have an Awesome Android App Idea & Not Sure How to Get Started ?

Our team has the rich industry experience to develop business-centric apps.

Serving Diverse Industries

Created results for more than 50+ industries & continuing

Real Estate
Travel & Tourism
Wellness and
Sports & Play

Enterprises who Trust us to Drive Growth and Revenue

We partner with leaders across industries. Browse the list of feathers in our hat.


Client Appreciation

Affle Enterprise enabled the client to launch critical products on time, elevating them in the eyes of their many nationwide customers. Offering comprehensive support, the team's collaborative skill was flawless. Most of the tasks were completed on time and their development was largely error-free.

Rohit Sharma

Head of VAS App Development


Client Appreciation

Affle Enterprise is equipped with highly qualified tech-enthusiasts with the ability to meet deadlines. The team has excellent command over the latest technologies to convert the client's vision into a productive business solution. They take active participation throughout the project development cycle and keep the client updated for every milestone achieved.


Ecommerce Platform


Client Appreciation

Affle Enterprise has a vested interest in supplying value to their clients. Affle Enterprise has delivered high-performing and streamlined products to satisfaction. Supporting the collaboration with industry knowledge, the team has been attentive and managed the engagement well.

-Muneer Al Aradi,



Client Appreciation

We found the right partner in Affle for our self-serving app – My Spectra. Affle brought in a sense of commitment & made the project their own. Project planning, agile approach, and clear project objective made Affle a natural extension to our IT Team and to our purpose of #MakeLifeBetter

-Nitin Mehrotra,

Chief Operating Officer


Client Appreciation

They are very impressive and prompt to answer our concerns and queries. Thanks to the Affle Enterprise team that helped us build a platform with better communication between market buyers and sellers. They have a brilliant team of project managers that focuses on long-term relationships.

-Associate Vice president - Product Management

Agri-Trading Platform

We are Proud of Our Achievements

Our work speaks for us. Explore the feathers in our hat.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who will own the mobile app source code / Who owns the IP / legal rights of the apps developed by mTraction Enterprise ? Why should we choose mTraction Enterprise for android app development over other app development companies ?

We are a public listed company (AFFLE - NSE) that serves as a one-stop-shop for all their digital needs. We have successfully developed & delivered hundreds of iOS mobile apps across the globe.

We are an award-winning app development company having expertise in grasping your business challenges & ideate a personalized user experience through our iOS app development services.

What is the general process you follow for android app Development ?

Agile Methodology is the core process we follow for iOS app development. Some of the key steps are as below:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Gathering Requirement
  • Architecture Finalization
  • Analysis & Estimation
  • Exercising the Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Conceptualizing the UI & UX
  • Application Development
  • Manual and Automation Testing
  • Server Deployment
  • Server Maintenance
  • Application Maintenance
  • User Acquisition and Application Marketing
Do you build apps for both iOS and Android ?

Yes, we build mobile apps for both iOS & Android. We have a pool of both Android & iOS developers with rich industry experience. Affle has expertise around native and cross platform mobile app development.

Are you location-agnostic or your services are limited to certain locations?

We are a global technology company providing app development services around the globe. We have offices at 9 locations eg Singapore (Headquarter), Dubai, Indonesia, India (Gurgaon, Banglore, and Mumbai) etc.

Do you build android MVP (Minimum Viable Product) also for feasibility study and market feedback ?

Yes, We build MVP for our clients & we always suggest our clients have a market launch of MVP before the extensive feature inclusions. It will help them to interact with their early adopters with the lean MVP app. Post getting the confidence in their idea they can go for full pace application launch.

What technologies and frameworks do you use for iOS App Development ?

Technologies & Frameworks for Mobile App Development are:

  • Native
    • Android - Java, Kotlin
  • Hybrid
    • Ionic (AngularJS)
    • Phonegap (JavaScript)
    • Sencha (JavaScript)
  • Cross-platform Native
    • React Native (JSX)
    • Flutter (Dart)
What is the difference between Native and Cross platform-based apps development ?

Native: Native apps are developed exclusively for a specific platform. These apps are developed in a language compatible with the platform. Apple, for instance, prefers Objective C and Swift for iOS app development while Google favors Java for Android app development.

Cross-platform: Cross-platform apps are developed with a single code base that supports both iOS and Android devices. Cross-platform apps are cost-effective in comparison to native apps.

WWhat will happen to my app with new OS releases in android ?

A New OS release might affect your app’s UI & functionality. We’d be able to help you with your app’s upgradation to support the new OS release and new devices as well.

How much does it generally cost to develop an Android App from scratch ?

The cost for an android app development completely depends on the functionality of the app. A very simple app could be developed under US $30,000 and a complex one might cost even more than US $1 Million.

I have a unique app idea. How can I share it with you in a secure manner ?

We are ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you disclose your idea to us.

What would be the payment plan for android app development ?

We offer two models to work on namely: Time & Material and Fixed cost projects.

In Time & Material (T&M) we provide dedicated onsite/offsite resources and the billing will occur monthly at a mutually decided cost. We’d be open to deploying our Project managers to oversee the development, this will be at your convenience.

In Fixed Cost Projects, we analyze the complete scope and submit a fixed cost against the detailed scope of the project. The total cost will be divided into multiple milestones and deliverables would be assigned against the same for you to map the app development.

Do you provide support post-development of the Android app ?

Yes, we’ll always be there to support you and your product. We’d love to maintain your android app post-development and will be sharing the details of work done on weekly/monthly basis.

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