mTraction Survey Platform
mTraction survey platform is an Omni-channel Experience Management Platform that helps to turn feedback into actionable insights. We support everything that GOVTech and modern enterprise demands.
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Why mTraction Survey Platform?
Reach more with omnichannel engagements
Secure & Scalable
Easy Integration with legacy systems
Trusted Enterprise & GOVTech
Intuitive UI & UX
Intuitive Interface
AI-Driven Analytics
Fraud Prevention
Powerful enterprise grade features

With a user-friendly experience, AI-driven features, and sophisticated functionality, mTraction survey platform helps you to stand out and helps to turn feedback into actionable insights.

One-Click Insights

Get access to dashboards and settings for increased visibility over user activity. It also controls how collected data is shared and ensures that data is both accessible and secure.

Business Solution

Provides proper business solutions and consultancy on various parameters such as user engagement, incentive partners, promotional and marketing activities, etc.

User Targeting

Target and re-engage specific users who left the survey in between through various channels such as SMS, Email Campaigns, Mobile/Web Push, & Social Media.

Administration and Governance

Gain visibility and control over all users with a single admin dashboard. Use global settings to establish and maintain standards.

Customize Inside out

Beloved for its power and simplicity, mTraction survey platform is known for customization & user-friendly experience. Our Partners can easily customize this platform as per their needs.


Talk to customers before and after events. Capture live feedback or set up a kiosk survey on a tablet or phone.

There's never been more ways to reach your audience

Deliver an omni-channel experience at all touch points. All data in one place

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mTraction Survey Platform Features

Powerful tailored enterprise-class features help turn feedback into actionable insights.

Fast & Easy
Creating online surveys has never been more enjoyable and hassle-free. We've put forth a valiant effort to make the process of creating surveys as pleasant as possible with the quickest and most intuitive user experience on the block.
Incentives & Rewards
Encourages respondents by awarding a predefined set of reward points after the survey is successfully completed. These can be used to redeem awards and incentivize further surveys or social sharing.
Gamification & Leaderboard
Gamification & Leaderboard helps enhance psychological (user experience, emotion, fun) and behavioral (participation, performance) outcomes of respondents that further provide retargeting capabilities to ensure survey completion.
Our survey platform provides you with over 100 languages to choose from and create a multilingual survey so you can capture exponentially better responses using the most spoken dialect in the target market.
Question Branching
Our branching feature allows you to create a filter to determine which questions are relevant to your respondents' respective. Participants will only see the questions you want them to see based on the answers they previously provided.
Fraud Prevention
Affle's accredited product mFaaS uses a combination of proprietary techniques and machine learning technology to prevent survey fraud at various parameters.
Survey Personalization
Intelligent collection, storage, and targeting survey for selected audience matching demographic parameters.
ASaap allows multiple surveys to be run concurrently on our SaaS cloud or GCC (Government Commercial Cloud) environment
mTraction Survey Platform seamlessly bring your survey
data into your legacy Systems

Connect survey data with your existing workflows and enrich that data with additional insights

mTraction Survey Platform For Users

3 simple steps for respondents to navigate to the running surveys through various campaigns, answer a few questions and to get rewarded with special incentives & rewards

Choose preferred campaign

Users interacted with the survey promotional campaign on various channels such as social media ad, banner ad, interstitial ads etc.

Answer simple questions

Users registered with our survey and answer a few simple questions related to various categories such as personal, household etc.

Get rewarded

User will get rewarded with the pre-defined incentives and will also be eligible for the bumper prize on successful completion.

Utilize Accredited Products

Affle’s accredited products for customer segmentation, customer engagement, targeting/re-targeting and fraud prevention.

mTraction CDP
  • Intelligent AI Push notification
  • Auto segmentation of users
  • Retargeting through multi-channels
  • Workflows through a Drag-and-drop UI
  • Continual engagement post-survey
  • mFaaS
  • Fake detection of answers
  • Pattern detection
  • Abnormal behavioral detection
  • Multiple IP detection
  • Use of TOR, Proxies, VPNs, Public networks
  • Engage 360
  • Intelligent AI Push notification through Web, Progressive Web App, Mobile App (when inside and outside the app), Social Media, WhatsApp, Email and SMS.
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